Students currently in ICSE Class 10 who have already bought the ICSE Prelim Papers Package from Exam18 or planning to buy a copy may wonder why they should solve prelim papers from exams conducted during January 2019 session.

As most of you may know, Prelim Exams are conducted in most ICSE Schools during the month of January, just few weeks before the ICSE Board Exams. Prelim papers are critical for ICSE revisions and just 4 or 5 weeks of preparation from these papers are not enough for Students. 

As long as the syllabus is consistent in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 batch, solving prelim papers from previous year’s exam is a great idea and smart use of time. Read on.

How does the past year’s ICSE prelim papers help?

It doesn’t really make a difference as long as the syllabus is similar for both the past year and current year’s prelim exams. That’s because, most ICSE Teachers would handpick questions from previous year’s prelim exams, add few extra questions and set the question paper for current year’s prelim exams. 

Do the Prelim Papers help in School mid-term tests and terminal exams?

Yes! Since Prelim Papers cover all the possible questions in a given subject of ICSE and they are extremely helpful for uncovering good questions that your Teacher is curious to ask in your mid-term and terminal exams. 

Do the Teachers recommend Prelim Papers?

Most of the ICSE Teachers really recommend solving prelim papers throughout the year. 

What is the best time to buy the Prelim Papers?

Since the Prelim Papers Package come with huge number of question papers, a decent amount of time is required to practice from them apart from the regular guides, reference books etc. No specific month as to when you should buy it, but the earlier you get, the more helpful it is.

Exam18 says Prelim Papers are secret to good percentage in ICSE. Why do you say this?

The Prelim Question Papers of ICSE covers all the possible questions that can be asked in the Boards. Most of the school teachers prefer putting up tricky, unthinkable, unpredictable questions in their Prelim Papers and this is what differentiates it from the question papers found in traditional reference books.

I have bought the Prelim Papers of exams held in January 2019 for my ICSE March 2020 Exams. Can I also buy the Prelim Papers of January 2020 when they are available?

Yes, you will be notified over Email and SMS whenever they are available and you can go ahead and place your order. This will help you get more chance to practice well before your boards.

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