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ISC The Tempest Super Notes
ISC The Tempest Super Notes
ISC The Tempest Super Notes
ISC The Tempest Super Notes
ISC The Tempest Super Notes
ISC The Tempest Super Notes
ISC The Tempest Super Notes
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ISC The Tempest Super Notes

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A Complete Revision Notes on Shakespeare’s The Tempest based on the latest syllabus of ISC Class 12. Includes everything needed to learn about the play and also recommended for preparation of class tests.

This is a complete revision guide for The Tempest play by Shakespeare for ISC Class 11 and 12 students. The notes are designed specifically according to the ISC English Literature syllabus and includes both explanations and important questions/answers of the play. This is a highly recommended book for students who want to better understand all the aspects of the play, notable twists in the plot and revise important questions/answers.

How is this Tempest guide better than other guides?

This guide for The Tempest is designed exclusively by a Senior ICSE English Teacher Mrs. Madhuri Shukla with 30+ years of teaching experience in ICSE & ISC. These notes have evolved over time and has helped many past ISC students learn and revise the play effectively for their English Literature exams.

List of contents in this book:

  1. William Shakespeare: His life and work
  2. About Shakespeare, from Shakespeare
  3. The Tempest: Characters in the Drama
  4. The Tempest: A Brief Story
  5. The Tempest: An Act-wise, Scene-wise highlight
  6. Shakespearean comedy and the tempest
  7. Long Questions and answers
  8. Extract based solved comprehension
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