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ICSE Prelim Papers from Top Schools in India
icse prelim papers
icse prelim papers
icse prelim papers
icse prelim papers
icse prelim papers
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ICSE Prelim Papers from Top Schools in India

  • Author: Exam18
  • Target Exam: ICSE Class 10
  • Edition: 2020-21
  • Pages: 50 pages per school
  • ISBN: 9789389390292

ICSE Prelim Papers from Top Schools in India (As per reduced syllabus)

Solving Prelim Papers of different ICSE Schools is one of the most proven ways to secure over 95% overall marks in ICSE Board Exam. 

Prelim Papers are question papers from prelim exams conducted at different ICSE Schools. The prelim or pre-board question papers cover all possible types of questions that can be asked in a subject. It is also one of the best ways of understanding which questions different schools presume to be most important. 

In Exam18 ICSE Prelim Papers Package, students have an option to buy prelim papers of 5 ICSE Schools, 10 ICSE Schools, 15 ICSE Schools or 20 ICSE Schools based on how much they would like to practice. The more question papers an ICSE Student solves, the more variety of questions they would have practiced. 

From which prelim exams these question papers are given?

Prelim papers given in this book are from prelim exams conducted between Dec 2019-Jan 2020. The papers have been adapted as per new reduced syllabus of ICSE Class 10 in 2020-21 for benefit of students. 

Why should ICSE students solve the previous year's prelim papers?

Prelim papers must be practiced throughout the year, not just during final minute. Sooner the students begin solving prelim papers, the more times they can revise. Also, new prelim papers usually publish around January-end every year, which is not enough time before board exams begin. 

Should I buy these papers now and also the new prelim papers when they are available?

While it's not necessary to re-order the papers since most ICSE Teachers mix-match questions from Exam18's Prelim question papers, students may buy new edition and a special discount will be provided if you buy the current edition and new edition later on.


Subjects included in ICSE Prelim Papers Package

English Language English Literature Hindi Mathematics
History & Civics Geography Physics Chemistry
Biology Computer Applications Commercial Applications Commercial Studies
Physical Education

About ICSE Prelim Papers

What are Prelim Papers?
Prelim Papers are question papers from pre-board exams conducted at ICSE Schools. 

When should a student get prelim papers book?
Prelim papers of different ICSE schools must be solved entire year to practice important questions in every topic.

Are these Prelim Papers applicable to ICSE students across India?
ICSE curriculum is the same for all ICSE students across India, hence these papers can be solved by any student preparing for ICSE Board exams of Class 10.

From which prelim exams are these papers given by Exam18?
Prelim papers included in this package are from exams conducted in January 2020.

List of Schools Included in ICSE Prelim Papers Package

The list of Schools can be seen by clicking here (the link will open in new window. You can come back on this page to place your order.)

Top Feedback from ICSE Students and Teachers

★★★★★ Students spend countless number of hours asking around for prelim papers of different ICSE schools. Thanks to Exam18 for doing all the hard work and making these papers available to prepare for ICSE Board Exams. Highly recommended!
(Aarav Shah)

★★★★★ Finally new edition papers are available on Exam18. Thanks so much!

★★★★★ Prelim papers are much better alternative to random model papers available everywhere in ICSE book stores. I have bought previous edition of prelim papers package from Exam18 and just ordered the new one. Looking forward to receiving soon!

★★★★★ Very good ICSE schools included in Jan 2020 edition of prelim papers package by exam18. Students must solve it religiously to score great marks in ICSE board exam
(Vardhan Pai)

★★★★★ this is the most important book for ICSE revisions. Highly recommend it to all students.!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Prelim Papers package include answers?
Prelim Papers are most effective when students self-solve and self-evaluate their performance, hence this package does not come with solutions.

How many Prelim Papers of every subject is included?
It depends on number of school's you are ordering - if you order 10 Schools, there will be 10 question papers of subjects listed above. However, the elective subjects might have fewer papers based on the availability of this subject at respective schools.

Can I buy 5 or 10 Schools now and other Schools at a later date?
Definitely! You can buy 5 or 10 Schools now and reach out to us to buy the remaining Schools at a later date. We will make sure you don’t receive the same papers again.

Is this book available in digital (PDF) format?
No, the ICSE prelim papers package is not available in digital format. However, you can find it may be released on Amazon Kindle in few days. Please reach out to our support to enquire.

Can I order this package on phone?
Yes, you may call us or WhatsApp on 7506181854 to order on phone.

Have any questions or need to order on phone?
Call on +91 7506181854

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