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Mastering Physics Numerical Problems in ICSE Class 10
Mastering Physics Numerical Problems Sample 1 - Exam18
Mastering Physics Numerical Problems Sample 2 - Exam18
Mastering Physics Numerical Problems Sample 3 - Exam18
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Mastering Physics Numerical Problems in ICSE Class 10

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Learn the secrets of solving numerical problems in Physics of ICSE Class 10 and practice important numerical questions that cover all essential concepts as per latest syllabus of Physics.

Solving numerical problems in Physics is one of the biggest nightmares of ICSE students in Class 10. In this material, you will find important formulas, essential concepts and many practice problems to help you solve numerical questions of any difficulty level in your ICSE Physics exam.

This material has helped thousands of ICSE students of previous years gain confidence in answering all the numerical problems in their ICSE Board exams and it is recently updated to follow the latest ICSE 2021 syllabus.

Numerical problems of the following Physics topics are included in this material

  • Force, Work, Power and Energy
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Heat
  • Modern Physics

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this revision guide include solutions to all numerical problems given in the material?
Yes, detailed solutions are given for all numerical problems in the book.

Are numerical problems from past ICSE Board papers included in this book?
This material includes many numerical problems that help you practice all concepts very well and also includes some interesting numerical problems from previous year’s board papers of ICSE.

I’m a Teacher. Can I buy this material and share with my students?
All Exam18 materials are for personal use by Students and Teachers only. Any commercial distribution or sharing requires authorization from Exam18. Please reach out to our support team for more details.


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