ICSE Organic Chemistry Super Notes for Class 10 | Exam18
icse organic chemistry
icse organic chemistry
icse organic chemistry
icse organic chemistry
icse organic chemistry
icse organic chemistry
icse organic chemistry
icse organic chemistry
icse organic chemistry
icse organic chemistry
icse organic chemistry
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ICSE Master Organic Chemistry Super Notes for Class 10

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ICSE Organic Chemistry Super Notes for Class 10 - Learning Made Easy

Organic Chemistry Super Notes for ICSE Class 10 is a much-needed guide for students who are aiming to secure maximum marks with confidence in the ICSE Chemistry exam.

Highlights of Exam18 Organic Chemistry Study Guide for ICSE Class 10

  1. Unique Learning Notes:  This all-in-one book covers 100% learning material of the chapter - Organic Chemistry required for Class 10th ICSE students preparing for 2021 examination.
  2. Concept-Building:  This is a very student-friendly book as it takes the reader from the basic level to the higher level, clarifying the underlying concepts of each subtopic at each level in a step-by-step manner.
  3. IUPAC Nomenclature:  As it is often asked in the compulsory section of X ICSE Chemistry Paper, so 100+ IUPAC names have been discussed along with the step-wise rules to solve them.
  4. An attempt has been made to show the MECHANISM of Organic Reactions wherever possible.
  5. All important Rules, Chemical Tests and Laboratory Preparation has been discussed in details.
  6. Conversion tips - along with important 50+ conversions have been discussed. 
  7. All organic reactions - have been summarised at the end topic-wise.  (It includes Name Reactions too)
  8. Conceptual Questions are solved to probe deep into the chapter.
  9. Objective Questions - frequently asked in examination have been given.
  10. EXAM PRACTICE Questions - have been given for better grasping.
  11. PAST 15 YEARS BOARD QUESTIONS - have been solved year-wise for intense revision and practice.

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Frequently asked questions

Does this guide cover organic chemistry only or the entire syllabus of Chemistry in ICSE class 10?
This book is designed to cover organic chemistry in-depth to help students learn this topic easily. ICSE Chemistry paper includes several questions from Organic Chemistry and students should not skip this part if they find it difficult to learn.

Who is the author of this chemistry guide?
This book is written by an experienced ICSE Science Teacher - Mrs. Megha Sharma from Kolkata, West Bengal.

Is this book available in PDF / E-book format?
Exam18 books are not available in digital format since most students feel comfortable with the printed edition. Order your copy and we'll ship it to you anywhere in India within 2-6 days at no cost. 

Is this book according to the latest reduced syllabus of ICSE 2020-21?
This book follows the latest reduced syllabus of ICSE Class 10.

I am in ICSE Class 9. Should I purchase this book now?
This book is designed for ICSE Class 10 curriculum. You may buy now if your School has already begun covering ICSE Class 10 portion.

Can I buy this guide in Book Store near my house?
Exam18 books are available in a few book stores around India so it's best if you call up your store and ask for the book. However, you can order this book online on our website, Amazon or Flipkart and it will be securely delivered to your doorstep.

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