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Exam18 is largest curation of study materials for ICSE by India's best Teacher - Authors. Our mission is to help Students with materials that help them overcome topics/subjects they find difficult to learn and score better in exams. 

Exam18's 2-day return guarantee

While we strive our best to give an in-depth overview of the materials on product description pages, there are rare occasions when the product does not meet your expectations. 

Below are few situations when your return request will be accepted and full refund or free exchange will be given:

  1. You received book(s) in damaged condition - Simply reach out to us on care@exam18.com within 2 days with photos to support your request and we'll replace the books with fresh copies as soon as possible.

  2. You found errors in the book - Simply fill the return form and point us to the errors, including page numbers and context and we'll be happy to provide full refund as store credit or to your original mode of payment.

  3. The contents of the book did not meet your expectation - You need to submit your return request by filling the return form and explain what you were expecting and did not find in the book. This will be reviewed by our Content Team and the Author and the approval will be given on case-by-case basis. 

Below are the situations where refund will not be given:

  1. Oversight in book edition - Certain study materials (like prelim papers) run on rolling basis, similar to how you solve previous years board question papers. 

  2. You no longer need the book - Exam18 books are printed on-demand, which means your book is sent for printing after receiving your order. If you no longer need your Exam18 book, the best thing you can do is gift it to your friend or send it back to us and we can donate it to a needy student on your behalf (and we'll cover the to & fro delivery charges).

  3. You ordered the book by mistake - Once the order is dispatched, it cannot be cancelled.


Policy against illegal photocopying and returning the books for refund

The copyright of Exam18 books are owned by the Authors and we do everything to ensure their rights on their books. If an Exam18 book is photocopied and returned to us, it will be detected and no refund will be given. 

Policy against unauthorized distribution of Exam18 books

Exam18 books are for personal use only, whether you are a Teacher or a Student. Photocopying the books or sharing them digitally is against the code of ethics and illegal and strict legal action will be taken.

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