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Most of the original study materials prepared by Teachers for their classroom students go underutilized. Join Exam18 and we will help you publish your study materials into a physical book, print it and sell it to students throughout India.

ZERO Investment required and No Hidden Fees.

Materials we publish on Exam18

  • Explanation Notes - Study guide with chapter-wise explanations in-depth
  • Revision Materials - Recap notes for class tests and final exams at School/College
  • Important Q&As - Compilation of most helpful questions with answers covering some or all topics.
  • Formula Cheat-sheets - Handy notes for students to recap important formulas day before exam
  • Solved Prelim Papers - Solutions to different School/College’s Prelim Exams
  • Guess Papers - Solved or unsolved guess papers for upcoming exams.
  • Answer Paper Evaluation - Review student’s answer papers, provide detailed feedback and report.
  • Student Mentoring & Motivation - Help students overcome exam-stress and encourage to prepare better.

Target Exams

  • ICSE (Class 9 - 10)
  • ISC (Class 11 - 12)
  • CBSE (Class 9 - 12)
  • NEET

ZERO Investment by Authors

Service Paid by Author Paid by Exam18
Book Review, Formatting & Publishing Nil Yes
Book Printing Nil Yes
Book Marketing Nil Yes
Book Courier & Logistics Nil Yes


Author Earnings

25% on net sale price.

How we calculation author commission

  • List price of book: Rs. 500 (for example)
  • Printing cost: Rs. 100
  • Shipping and Packaging Cost: Rs. 60
  • Total Cost: Rs. 160
  • Net Profit: Rs. 500 - 160 = Rs. 340
  • Author Earnings: 25% of Rs. 340 = Rs. 85 per copy
  • Average copies sold in a year = 1000
  • Total commissions earned = Rs. 85,000

Have any further questions? Drop an email to author@exam18.com or call 7506181854 and mention you'd like to learn about the Author Program

Frequently asked questions

Q. How many copies are usually sold every academic year?
A. Over 1000+ copies of most books are sold on Exam18 every academic year. It really depends on popularity of your book and the total sales may be higher or lower depending on that.

Q. When are commissions paid out to the Authors?
A. Commissions earned in a month are paid to Authors by 15th of the following month.

For example, commissions earned by Authors in March will be paid out by April 15

Q. How are commissions paid to the Authors?
A. Bank Transfer (UPI / NEFT)

Q. As an Author, can I order copies of my own books for private distribution?
A. Yes, you can order copies of your own books at 40% discount, however, no Author commission will be payable on this order. Minimum 5 copies required to avail free shipping.

Q. Can I offer discount coupon to my own network of students to order my book on Exam18?
A. Discount coupon between 5% - 15% can be given to your students to order your book(s) on Exam18. You will also receive standard Author commission on this order.

Q. How many books can I publish on Exam18?
A. There is no limit to how many books you can publish on Exam18.

Q. Can I track my book sales on Exam18?
A. When your book is live on Exam18, you will get access to a Author account where you can track sales of your books any time.

Q. Can I get complimentary Exam18 books as an Author?
A. Yes, you are eligible for up to 5 complimentary copies of any Exam18 book every academic year. 

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