ICSE syllabus for classes 9 and 10 includes a topic on the Merchant of Venice. A large portion of the exam’s weightage is devoted to it. The play consists of five acts and several scenes. As a result, students lose marks because it is difficult to find the complete Guide of questions and answers. We provide you with Act 2, Scene 2 questions and answers written in accordance with the CISCE guidance pattern.


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The Merchant of Venice Question Answers Act 2, Scene 2

What is forcing Launcelot to run away from the service of the Jew?


Launcelot is told to run away from the Jew’s service by the devil.

What according to Launcelot, does his conscience do for him?


Launcelot is advised by his conscience to stay with the Jew.

Who would be ruling Launcelot if he were to run away from the Jew?


Launcelot would be ruled by the devil.

Whom does Launcelot decide to obey in the end?


Launcelot decides to obey the devil.