Here, poems for ICSE class 9 are presented with solutions and explanations. Students will be able to benefit for their exams. They must have a thorough understanding of all subject areas in detail. It will certainly help them to score higher on exams.


Solutions of Treasure Trove Poems


The Heart of the Tree

i) Why does the poet call the tree a friend of sun and sky?


In the poem, the poet says that the tree is a benefactor of the sun and the sky. Because it shares in their benefits and creates a cool breeze to combat the heat from the sun and glare from the sky.

ii) What motivates the man to plant a tree according to the poet?


A poet believes that when a man plants a sapling, he does so as a symbol of future life and growth.


The Cold Within

i) Explain the symbolism used by the poet.


Symbolism is used by the poet to illustrate that it was the coldness of their hearts that extinguished the fire of life. They could have been saved by fire, which symbolized hope and acceptance, but they refused to set aside their prejudices, thus sealing their own fate.

ii) What happened to the six humans? Why?


The six humans died due to the cold. Their hatred for each other prevented them from giving up their sticks to keep the fire going and so they all died due to the cold. But actually it was the cold in their hearts which killed them.


The Bangle Sellers

i) How are the bangles described in the first stanza of the poem?


The bangles are described in the first stanza as lustrous, shining, rainbow-colored, delicate and bright for happy daughters and happy wives.

ii) Explain the line’ lustrous tokens of radiant lives’.


Bangle sellers encourage people to buy their bangles by praising their quality. Bangles are said to be shining gifts that promise happy lives in the future to their wearers. He believes that these bangles symbolize happy lives and happy marriages.


After Blenheim

i) What does the tone of Kasper’s words suggest?


Kasper’s answer that he was not upset about the death of thousands of soldiers, rather the only thing that concerned him was that it was a great victory.

ii) Why does the poet use a skull?


The skull is the most unique part of the human body, so Southey uses it. This makes one realize that the skull was once part of a human body that was ruthlessly killed, and emphasizes the pointlessness of war.



i) What is the most important thing that the poet has learnt?


The most important lesson that the poet has learned so far is to keep children away from the television or not to install it at all.

ii) What should parents do for the entertainment of their children?


Parents should provide their children with story books instead of making them watch TV. Children who develop the habit of reading books will no longer feel the need to watch TV. By reading books they will be able to imagine and be entertained.



i) Who wandered like a lonely cloud and where ?


William Woodsworth wanders over the valleys and hills like a lonely cloud.

ii) Where were the daffodils and what were they doing ?


Daffodils were growing by the side of the lake under the trees. As if they were dancing, they flutter under the breeze expressing their pleasure and energy.