An easy to read collection of short stories prepared by ICSE teachers based on the English latest syllabus is issued by the CISCE for Class 10. Collection of Short Stories with solutions and explanations by ICSE teachers for Class 10. These short stories are prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the syllabus.


Treasure Trove Short Stories

Treasure Trove Short Stories ICSE Class 9 & 10 written by Madhuri Shukla, is an ultimate guide which includes Summary of Stories, Word Glossary, Character Sketches, Long Question and Answers. It even consist of Comprehension Passages and more.

Short Summary of the Stories

1. Chief Seattle Speech

It is a speech delivered by Chief Seattle in 1854 at Washington. It contains arguments in favour of ecological responsibility and respect of native American’s land rights. He hopes that their good father in Washington would protect them and his brave warriors would prove to be a great wall of strength.

2. Old Man at the Bridge

The story “Old Man at the Bridge” is about a conversation between a war correspondent and an old man who had to leave his hometown during the Spanish Civil War. Simple and brief, this story portrays powerfully how war affects common people without political considerations.

3. A Horse and two Goats

Muni lives in Malgudi with his wife and is a very poor man. Muni is a very poor man living in Malgudi with his wife. Each day, he takes his two goats to graze near an old statue of a horse outside. Muni’s wife asks him to buy some food, but he doesn’t have any money. One fine day he meets American at his favourite place the Muni’s life changes for a while.

4. Hearts and Hands

Henry’s story ‘Hearts and Hands’ describes a chance encounter between two acquaintances on a train. Rather than traveling on a normal journey, Mr Easton is going to be imprisoned. Mr Easton is saved from embarrassment by the marshal who is taking him along.

5.  A Face in the Dark

Ruskin Bond wrote a short story titled A Face in the Dark. The story is set on a dark windy night when an Anglo-Indian teacher, Mr. Oliver, dared to walk through the pine forest for a short cut after spending the evening at Shimla Bazaar. On his way back, he saw a boy sitting alone on a rock.

6. An angel in Disguise

The Thompson family finds an angel in a poor, miserable and wretched child. A poor woman who has been hated her entire life by almost every person in the village now finds herself surrounded by the same people. She dies drunk on the threshold of her own home.

7. The Little Match Girl

A poor young girl tries to sell matches in the street on a freezing New Year’s Eve, shivering and barefoot. Rather than go home because her father would beat her for not selling matches, she huddles in the alley between two houses and lights matches one by one to warm herself.

8. The Blue Bead

Norah Burke wrote the novel The Blue Bead in the 20th century. A 12-year-old girl named Sibia performs a heroic deed in the story. A Gujar woman is saved by her without wasting any time from a crocodile. She was a poor Indian girl living in poverty. Moreover, she finds happiness in the smallest things, gets fascinated by natural jewellery, and is brave and courageous. Also, she is a keen observer and can make quick decisions.

9. My Greatest Olympic Prize

My Greatest Olympic Prize is an autobiographical account of Jesse Owens’ experience of true friendship in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where he won four gold medals.His goal was to prove Hitler’s theory wrong by taking home one or two of those gold medals.

10. All Summer in a Day

The short story “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury is about a group of schoolchildren living on Venus. On Venus, a planet of seemingly endless rain, the children at school eagerly await the predicted appearance of the sun, a brief phenomenon that occurs only once every seven years.