Knowing the ICSE Class 10 English Syllabus is one of the important parts of exam preparation. Just random studying will not give any result to ICSE Class 10 students, especially when they are studying The Merchant of Venice. Briefly describe the character portrayal and sketches. It is important that students select good books with detailed explanations of every act.


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The Merchant of Venice Summary Act 5


Lorenzo and Jessica are in Belmont. They talk about famous classical lovers? as they look at the moonlit sky. They then learn that Portia and Bassanio are both on their way back, separately. Portia and Nerissa get there first and instruct Lorenzo to tell everyone that they never left Belmont. Bassanio and Gratiano then arrive, along with Antonio and others. Portia welcomes her husband home and Bassanio introduces her to Antonio. Nerissa and Gratiano instantly start arguing about the ring that Nerissa gave to Gratiano and which she has noticed he no longer has.

Gratiano then reveals that Bassanio also gave his ring away and Portia declares that she will not share a bed with Bassanio until she sees the ring again. Bassanio tries to get Portia to understand why he gave it away, but she continues to scold him for being unfaithful. Antonio attempts to intervene to get Portia to sympathize with Bassanio. She then gives him ‘another’ ring, which tells him to look after ‘better than the other’. Bassanio realizes that it is the same ring that he gave away. Nerissa then gets out her ring before Portia confesses that ‘Portia was the doctor’ and Nerissa was the clerk. She also gives Antonio a letter which tells him that three of his ships have made it safely into the harbour. Nerissa shares the news that Jessica and Lorenzo will receive Shylock’s wealth when he dies. Portia and Nerissa seem to forgive their husbands and the play concludes with Antonio alive and wealthy once more.