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ICSE Maths Comprehensive Formula Diary For Class 10

What's in this book?

Strengthen your ICSE Xth Maths fundamental concepts with Comprehensive Formula Diary which includes topic-wise explanation, formulas to remember for ICSE board exams, and solved examples to illustrate every formula in a clear manner.

Target Exam

ICSE Class 10



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Exam18 ICSE Maths Formula Diary for Class 10

Knowing the right formulae is the key to solving any mathematics problem correctly.

This ICSE maths formulas book lists all important and key formulas students must know to solve mathematics problems easily in ICSE Class 10.

Not only the formulas, this book ALSO includes:

  • Simplified explanations of every topic with illustrations
  • Solved maths problems to understand every formula easily and learn how to apply them.

This formula diary follows the latest syllabus of ICSE Class 10 and highly recommended for all students who are appearing for ICSE 10th Board Exams in 2022.

Chapters/Topics covered

  • Commercial Mathematics
    • Goods & Services Tax
    • Banking
    • Shares & Dividends
  • Algebra
    • Linear Inequation
    • Quadratic Equation in One Variable
    • Ratio & Proportion
    • Factorization of Polynomials
    • Matrices
    • Arithmetic Progression
    • Co-Ordinate Geometry
  • Geometry
    • Similarity
    • Locus
    • Circles
    • Construction
  • Mensuration
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics
  • Probability

Highlights of this book

  • Topic-wise explanation
  • Simplified explanations of every topic with illustrations
  • Important Terms to remember
  • Solved examples to illustrate every formula in a clear manner
  • Certain Notes for quick review

Do you want to feel more confident in your mathematics? Why wait? Order this formula diary now on Exam18!

Learning maths formulas form the basis of solving problems in ICSE maths exam.

Yes, this book follows latest syllabus for ICSE 2022 board exam.

Maths formulas must be practice throughout the academic year, especially during classroom lectures, unit tests, prelim exams and final board exams. This book is perfect for revisions at any time of the year!

The Exam18 ICSE Maths Comprehensive Diary is written by Mrs. Megha Sharma, a renowned ICSE Maths/Science Teacher from Kolkata and successful author of other Exam18 books.

To view the sample pages from this book, please visit preview section.

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Megha Sharma


Reduced Syllabus 2021-22



Publish Date

April 2021



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2 Days



Target Exam

ICSE Class 10



Type of Material

Numericals & Formulas

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