Physics in ICSE is a vast topic and understanding the fundamentals is key to learning better and scoring well in your ICSE exam. Exam18 aims to improve the conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills of students with ICSE Physics class 10 notes, ICSE Physics class 10 Numericals, ICSE class 10 physics questions and answers, Reference material for ICSE physics class 9 along with relevant notes that enable students to score well in all the examinations conducted. Exam18 covers everything from Mastering numerical, to Give reasoning skills to detailed study guides.

Physics is the scientific study of energy & matter and their interaction with each other. The energy can take the form of motion, light, electricity, radiation, or even gravity. Physics deals with matter on scales ranging from subatomic particles to entire galaxies.


How do I score high in ICSE Physics? 

  • While solving a derivation, try and comprehend the logic behind the derivations.
  • Revise the concepts regularly.
  • If you do not like the Numerical part, start early! Get used to the numerical part. A physics paper without numerical is like a gun without bullets.
  • Never forget to mention the S.I units of all physical entities.
  • Try writing your descriptive answers in points and give pictorial or graphical illustrations wherever possible, it enhances visibility. 
  • Be crisp and to the point in every short answer.

What are the Study materials required to score 95+ in Physics in ICSE Board Examination?

1. Physics Numericals Made easy for ICSE Class 9

    exam18 icse class 9 physics numerical problems learning notes study guides  

    This study guide incorporates important physics numerical questions and covers all essential concepts as per the latest syllabus of ICSE Class 9.

    Numerical problems are one of the most daunting yet scoring questions in the Physics Examination papers and with proper guidance, students can score maximum marks in these types of questions.

    This book includes important formulas, essential concepts, in-depth explanations of important topics, and at least 20 practice problems solved per chapter for a better understanding of the numerical concepts.

    Practicing from this textbook helps master the numerical questions of different difficulty levels and gain the confidence to tackle the challenging questions of the class 9 Physics Examination.

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    2. Master Numerical Problems in Physics For ICSE Class 10 (2020-21 Edition) – Formulae, Useful Tips, Symbols & Units, Solved Numerical Problems.

      exam18 icse class 10 physics numerical problems study guides learning notes


      Solving numerical problems in Physics is one of the biggest nightmares of ICSE students in Class 10. 

      This exclusive Physics study guide covers important formulas, necessary concepts, and many numerical problems that will teach you how to solve practically any numerical question in your ICSE class 10 exam. 

      This material has helped thousands of ICSE students in the past gain confidence in solving numerical problems in their ICSE Board exams and it is recently updated to follow the 2020-21 syllabus.

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      3. Master Physics Give Reason Guide For ICSE Class 10 – Chapterwise Give Reasons, Explanations & Important Tips.

        exam18 icse class 10 physics give reasons learning notes study guide  

        This unique book is designed to help students who face difficulty in understanding the concepts of Physics. With this book, you can grasp challenging concepts in very simple and easy language. It will also help you answer give reason type questions in your ICSE exam very well.

        This book covers all the chapters as per the latest syllabus of ICSE 10th Physics. All the questions in the book are accompanied by comprehensive reasoning, diagrams, and sketches that make it easier for students to review their progress and further understand the topics in depth. 

        The notes provided in this book push students to find solutions to challenging questions more thoughtfully.

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        4. ICSE Class 10 Physics SuperNotes

        exam18 icse class 10 physics super notes learning notes study guide detailed study  

        Exam18’s ICSE Class 10 Physics SuperNotes is an all in one study material to learn and revise Physics in ICSE Class 10. While these exclusive notes cover everything required to prepare effectively for ICSE Physics Board Exam, it allows the students to grasp the fundamentals and master the subject with ease and face the physics exams with confidence.

        What is included in ICSE Physics Super Notes?

        • Things you must learn in every topic
        • Important Questions & Answers
        • Important Questions & Answers in previous years ICSE physics board exam papers
        • Give Reason Based Questions & Answers
        • Diagram Based Questions & Answers
        • Fill in the Blanks
        • Multiple Choice Questions
        • True/False based questions
        • Three Sample Practice Question Papers for self-evaluation

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         5. ICSE Class 10 Solved Prelim Papers of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology for FULL YEAR REVISION

        exam18 icse class 10 maths physics chemistry biology science prelim papers solved

        Reviewing your progress for board exams now made easier with the latest prelim Papers + Solutions. This book collates the latest prelim papers and solutions for 
        Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology held at top ICSE schools across India for better assessment of a student’s progress and preparation for the Board Exams. 

        This book is formatted keeping in mind the requirements of a student appearing for ICSE Board Exams and helps improve their overall score.

        It is a limited edition book available only on Exam 18. The contents of the book are as follows:

        • 5 Solved + 5 Unsolved Prelim Papers of Maths
        • 5 Solved + 5 Unsolved Prelim Papers of Physics
        • 5 Solved + 5 Unsolved Prelim Papers of Chemistry
        • 5 Solved + 5 Unsolved Prelim Papers of Biology

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        How these ICSE Physics guides different from other Learning notes/Study guides in the market?

        • Unique content and easy explanations to help students understand the concepts without the need for rot-learning.
        • Designed for year-long learning and revisions. Now is the right time to get this book and start learning.
        • Books are designed as per the latest reduced syllabus of ICSE.