Worried about your English Language Board Exams?

Writing is a form of art which requires a certain knack and skill to perfect. English is a tricky subject for many. Like many subjects, one single letter can make a huge difference. It activates your imagination and makes you think deeply above a wide spectrum of topics.

There are countless study materials for ICSE English Language Board Exam which can make it overwhelming and confused on which one is the right for you.

For Students who score average in ICSE English Language tests at School, the Exam18 English Language Last Step Practice notes can help you strengthen your basics in the subject and prepare you confidently for the upcoming ICSE board exams.

The English Language Last Step Practice notes are strictly based on the latest syllabus and written by Mrs. Madhuri Shukla, a Senior English Teacher with 30+ years of teaching experience.

The notes given by the author in this book cover a wide variety of topics including the essential components of English Grammar like pronouns and adjectives to wider topics like Essay Writing and Comprehension, it covers the entire syllabus to prepare you for upcoming ICSE exams.

It contains a variety of essay and letter writing questions which are thought provoking and will boost your creative writing skills.

With 100+ solved worksheets, it will give you thorough practice and provide you with an idea of the paper pattern. It also contains guidelines on how to form exemplary answers, which is especially important in the essay and letter writing questions.

The book is available on Exam18 and Amazon. The package also includes free solved sample papers as well as assistance from the Exam18 team who are available 24/7 to make sure that you ace the exams.

Best of luck! Write your way to success with Exam18!

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