Download Latest Syllabus for ICSE Class 10 Board Exam in 2021

ICSE board exam is an important milestone in every student’s academic career. Scoring a good percentage in the ICSE exam is important and you can do that when you plan your studies as per the curriculum given by ICSE. In this post, students can download the latest reduced syllabus of ICSE Class 10 for 2021 exam.

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Download the entire syllabus together

Save your time and download the ICSE class 10 syllabus in a zip folder. When you download and extract this zip folder, you will see all subject’s PDF files individually. Take print outs when you want or access on your smartphone/laptop/computer/tablet anytime.

Download Syllabus

Download syllabus subject-wise

List of subjects with further reduced syllabus

List of subjects with reduced syllabus and no further reduction

List of subjects where no reduction is made

Did Exam18 make it easy for you to download the syllabus? Well, we hope we did!

Make sure you refer to the syllabus properly when you read or revise any chapter for your ICSE Board Exam. Spend your time productively because every minute you have now is important.