Biology is one of the most scoring subjects in the ICSE Science syllabus. With adequate practice and apt studying methods, students can score maximum marks in this subject. Studying the subject in-depth keeping in mind the fundamentals students can tackle any challenge they face during their examinations.

Exam18 aims to improve the conceptual understanding and build a much-needed foundation for the students in the ICSE board. The biology study guides available at Exam18 are tailored to feet the needs and demands of the students appearing for ICSE Examinations.

Biology class 10 notes, ICSE Biology class 10 Super Notes, ICSE class 10 Biology questions and answers, Reference material for ICSE Biology class 9 along with relevant notes helps build the confidence of the students and helps them review their progress regularly. Exam18 covers everything from Mastering question answers, Give reasoning skills to detailed study guides. 

8 Best Tips to Prepare for ICSE Class 10 Biology Exam

Here are a few important tips to score good marks in your biology exam in class 9 and class 10:

  • Understand the underlying concepts of the chapter.
  • Revise the concepts regularly.
  • Start early! Keep some time reserved for revision and solving sample papers.
  • The more questions you practice the more you train yourself to tackle the challenging questions of the examinations.
  • Always mark and highlight Keywords.
  • Focus on the definitions and practice all the diagrams thoroughly.
  • Try writing descriptive answers in points and explain with diagrams and illustrations wherever possible, it enhances visibility.
  • Be crisp and to the point in every short answer.

Top Study Guides of Biology for ICSE Exam

1. ICSE Class 9 Biology Super Notes – Complete Practice of Theory with Diagrams, Charts & Easy explanations

biology super notes icse class 9 exam18 study guide

This biology guide for ICSE class 9 includes many different types of practice questions and answers as per the latest ICSE syllabus and exam pattern. Most ICSE Science Teachers recommend this Exam18 guide for throughout the year practice and final exam revisions in ICSE Class 9.

The book covers chapter wise notes and important questions and answers for complete revision and productive preparations for the upcoming Biology final exam of Class 9. It follows the latest syllabus prescribed for ICSE Class 9 in all schools across India.

Practicing from this study guide helps students master the questions of different difficulty levels and gain the confidence to tackle the challenging questions in the curriculum and confidently write their biology exam.

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2. ICSE Biology Chapter-wise Revision Notes for Class 10

icse class 10 biology revision notes exam18 study guide

This biology study guide for ICSE class 10 students contains Important points, Flowcharts, Diagrams, Questions & Answers, and Practice Exercises for Circulatory, Excretory, Nervous, Endocrine, and Reproductive Systems.

This book is a much-needed guide for students appearing in the ICSE Board Science Biology exam. This study guide helps students thoroughly practice and revise as per the latest ICSE Biology syllabus prescribed for ICSE 2021 Board Exams and boosts their confidence to score maximum marks in the ICSE Board Examinations.

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3. ICSE Biology Class 10 Super Notes Most Important Objective Questions and Answers

exam18 icse class 10 biology super notes study guide

As many ICSE students are aware, the ICSE Biology paper consists of many objective questions and it’s easy to score amazing marks if you practice well. This is a perfect student guide for class 10 Biology that covers chapter-wise important points, multiple-choice questions, Fill in the blanks, short Q&As, and other relevant objective type questions for all chapters in the Biology curriculum as per the latest Class 10 ICSE Board Exam syllabus. All questions are accompanied with answers.

Biology Super notes is a high-quality book, suited for year-round practice as well as final revision, and helps attain a perfect score in the heavily weighted objective questions section in the ICSE Board Exam Papers. This book is recommended for every student who is aiming to score maximum marks in the Board Examination.

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4. ICSE Solved Prelim Papers of Maths & Science For Class 10 Practice

icse class 10 solved prelim papers sample papers study material

Many students find great success in learning and grasping difficult topics easily by solving questions asked in prelim papers of different ICSE Schools. These papers cover questions of all difficulty level and super-important questions on ICSE exam perspective.

This exclusive book published by Exam18 includes Questions & Answers from Prelim Exams of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Science) held at top ICSE schools across India. This prelim paper book is very helpful for better assessment of a student’s progress and preparation for the Board Exams. 

It is a limited edition book available only on Exam18. The contents of the book are as follows:

  • 5 Solved + 5 Unsolved Prelim Papers of Mathematics
  • 5 Solved + 5 Unsolved Prelim Papers of Physics
  • 5 Solved + 5 Unsolved Prelim Papers of Chemistry
  • 5 Solved + 5 Unsolved Prelim Papers of Biology

From which prelim exams these prelim question papers are taken from?

– Prelim Papers in this book are taken from pre-board exams conducted at various ICSE Schools in December 2019 – January 2020. However, the questions are adapted as per the syllabus of 2020 – 21 batch so students can practice from this book confidently throughout the year.

Who is the author of the solutions given in this book?

Solutions given in this book are written by ICSE Teachers & Tutors from different cities in India. All these Teachers have a strong background and 20+ years of experience preparing ICSE Class 10 Students for Board Exams.

Which Schools SOLVED papers are included in this book?


  1. Agrasain Balika Siksha Sadan (Howrah, East India)
  2. Carmel Public School (Chhattisgarh, East India)
  3. Greenwood High School (Bangalore, South India)
  4. St. Mary’s Academy (Meerut, North India)
  5. St. Joseph’s School (Malkapuram, South India)


  1. Greenwood High School (Bangalore, South India)
  2. Prabhat Academy (Pratapgarh, North India)
  3. VIBGYOR High School (Mumbai, West India)
  4. St. Joseph’s School (Malkapuram, South India)
  5. VPMS Orion School (Mumbai, West India)


  1. Don Bosco High School, Park Circus (Kolkata, East India)
  2. Prabhat Academy (Pratapgarh, North India)
  3. VIBGYOR High School (Mumbai, West India)
  4. St. Joseph’s School (Malkapuram, South India)
  5. VPMS Orion School (Mumbai, West India)


  1. Don Bosco High School, Park Circus (Kolkata, East India)
  2. Prabhat Academy (Pratapgarh, North India)
  3. VIBGYOR High School (Mumbai, West India)
  4. St. Joseph’s School (Malkapuram, South India)
  5. VPMS Orion School (Mumbai, West India)

Which Schools UNSOLVED papers are included in this book?

This is a SURPRISE. You will know the names of ICSE Schools when you receive the book.

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How the Exam18 ICSE Biology study guides are different from other books in the market?

  • Exam18 book contains unique content and easy explanations to help students understand the concepts without the need for rot-learning.
  • The books are designed for year-long learning and revisions. Now is the right time to get this book and start learning.
  • All the books follow the latest reduced syllabus of ICSE.
  • The books are tailored to fit the needs and demands of the students and help build a strong foundation for the students.

Remember, don’t study just to obtain good marks – study to learn and score well. If you are wondering how to score good marks in biology class 10 icse, Exam18 study guides will help you achieve your dream marks.