Chemistry is one of the most scoring subjects in the ICSE syllabus. With adequate practice and the enactment of apt studying methods, students can score maximum marks in this subject. Studying the subject in-depth keeping in mind the fundamentals students can tackle any challenge they face during their examinations. This subject demands complete attention and regular practice to maintain top of the mind recall.

Questions associated with Organic Chemistry in Chemistry paper is one of the most daunting yet scoring part of the ICSE Class 10 Board examination.

Exam18 aims to improve the conceptual understanding and build a much-needed foundation for the students in the ICSE board. The books available at Exam 18 are tailored to feet the needs and demands of the students appearing for ICSE Examinations.

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How do I score maximum marks in ICSE Class 10 Organic Chemistry?

  • Strengthen your foundation
  • Instead of rote learning try to understand the underlying concepts
  • Take Notes and mark important portions for future reference
  • Practice regularly
  • Start early! Keep some time reserved for revision and solving sample papers.
  • Solve questions of varying difficulty levels to build confidence.


The perfect student guide and Study material required to score 95+ in Organic Chemistry in ICSE Board:

Exam18 Organic Chemistry Super Notes ICSE Class 10

icse class 10 organic chemistry exam18

Questions associated with Organic Chemistry in Chemistry paper is one of the most daunting yet scoring subjects in the class 10 ICSE Board Examination.

Organic Chemistry Super Notes for ICSE Class 10 is a much-needed guide for students who are aiming to secure maximum marks in the Chemistry Board Examination.

This book covers all the concepts under organic chemistry with in-depth explanations.

Organic Chemistry Super Notes for ICSE Class 10 is formatted as per the latest ICSE Syllabus and is perfect to measure the grasping power of students and familiarize them with the underlying concepts of Organic Chemistry.

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How the above ICSE Organic Chemistry guide is different from other Learning notes/Study guides in the market?

  • Unique content and easy explanations to help students understand the concepts without the need for rot-learning.
  • Designed for year-long learning and revisions. Now is the right time to get this book and start learning.
  • The book is designed as per the latest reduced syllabus of ICSE.
  • The book is tailored to fit the needs and demands of the students and help build a strong foundation for the students.
  • The guide makes taking down relevant notes easier for students for future reference.