Re-Reduced Syllabus of ICSE Class 10 – Exam18

Re-Reduced Syllabus of ICSE Class 10

by Sukun Parmar on October 22, 2020

ICSE Class 10

Topics Excluded in Re-Reduced Syllabus for 2020-21

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, CISCE has announced further reduction in syllabus for ICSE Class 10 students appearing for Board Exams in 2020-21. However, many students are confused about which topics are actually excluded.

Below chart lists the topics that are excluded this year -


Merchant of Venice - Act 5 

Treasure Trove (Poems)

I know why the Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou, 
Abou Ben Adhem

Treasure Trove (Stories)
The Blue Bead – Norah Burke, 
All Summer in a Day


Basic Biology - Genetics (All Excluded)

Plant Physiology - 
Chemical Co-ordination in plants (All Excluded)

Human Anatomy & Physiology - 
The Reproductive System (All Excluded)

Population - 
All Excluded

Human Evolution - 
All Excluded

Pollution - 
All Excluded


Work, Force, Power and Energy - Machines - Lever (All Excluded)

Light - 
Multiple image formation by thick Glass, Scattering of Light,
Power of lens – Simple direct numerical problem, magnifying glass or simple microscope, Location of image and magnification from ray diagram.

Sound - 
Loudness, pitch, and quality of sound - Characteristics of Sound - loudness and intensity, subjective and objective nature, sound level in db, noise pollution, interdependence of pitch & frequency, quality, and wave forms.

Electricity and Magnetism - Experimental Verification of Ohms Law, Derivation of expressions for equivalent resistance, 
Household circuit – house wiring and power distribution, circuit diagrams, two-way switch, staircase wiring. 
Electromagnetism (All Excluded). 
Calorimetry – Simple numerical problem.

Modern Physics - Radioactivity - Nuclear Fission and Fusion.


Study of Acids, Bases and Salts - 
Action of dilute acids on salts (All Excluded), 
Methods of Preparation of Normal Salts (All Excluded). 

Analytical Chemistry - The metals Lead and Zinc.

Mole Concept and Stoichiometry - 
Gay Lussac`s law of combining Volumes; Avogardro`s law (All Excluded). 
Atomicity of Hydrogen, Oxygen, nitrogen & chlorine etc (All Excluded). 
Mole and its relation to mass (All Excluded). 
Simple calculations based on chemical equations (All Excluded).

Metallurgy - Stages involved in Extraction of Metals (All Excluded), 
Alloys – Composition and uses (All Excluded).

Study of Compounds - Ammonia – Uses of Ammonia, 
Sulphuric Acid – Manufacture by contact process equations with conditions where application.

Organic Chemistry - 
Alcohols (All Excluded), 
Carboxylic Acids (All Excluded). 


The Indian National Movement (1857-1917) - 
The First War of Independence – Consequences. 
Factors leading to the growth of Nationalism Economic exploitation, repressive colonial policies.
Second Phase – Brief mention of Surat split of 1907, factors leading to the formation of the Muslim league and its objectives.

Mass Phase of the National Movement (1915-1947) - 
Mahatma Gandhi – programme and impact of the movement
Independence and the partition of India – Cabinet Mission plan (clauses only)

Contemporary World - 
First World War: Armament Race, Territorial rearrangements, formation of League of Nations.
Rise of Dictatorship (All Excluded)
Second World War: Policy of Appeasement, Brief mention of the attack on Pearl Harbour and bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Consequences (Defeat of Axis Powers, Formation of the United Nations and Cold War).
Non- Aligned Movement (All Excluded)

Mass Phase of the National Movement - Cabinet Mission Plan (clauses only)


Union Legislature - 
Speaker – Functions
Rajya Sabha – Financial judicial, electoral, amendment of the constitution.

Union Executive –
Vice President (All Excluded)
Prime minister & council of Ministers – functions – policy making, administration, legislative, financial, emergency.

Judiciary –
Supreme Court - Jurisdiction and functions, original, appellate, Revisory, Judicial Review and Court of Record, Endorsement of Fundamental rights, and writs. 
High Court (All Excluded)
Subordinate Court (All Excluded) 


Topography - 6 figure grid reference, hill, valley, ridge/water divide, escarpment, conventional symbols.

Map of India - 
Mountains, Peaks & Plateaus – Garo, Khasi, & Jaintia, Mount Kanchenjunga. Cities – Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochi, Chandigarh, Srinagar, Vishakhapatnam.
Rivers – Ravi, Chenab, Beas, Gandak, Kosi, Son, Damodar.
Water Bodies – Palk Strait, Andaman Sea, Wular Lake.
Passes – Nathu-la Passes.
Latitudes and Longitudes – Tropic of Cancer.
Direction of Winds – Western Disturbances. 
Soil Distribution – Laterite and Red soil
Distribution of Minerals – Digboi, iron – Singhbhum.

Mineral and energy resources - Natural gas, Bauxite, Hydel power, geothermal

Agriculture - 
Types of Farming in India: subsistence and commercial: shifting, intensive, extensive, plantation and mix.
Crops excluded – Millets, Oil seeds – groundnut & soya bean, Jute, and coffee.

Manufacturing Industries - 
Agro based – Silk.
Mineral based – Bhilai, Vishakhapatnam

Waste Management - Impact of waste Accumulation (All Excluded)


Commercial Mathematics - Shares and Dividends - (All Excluded)

Algebra - Ratio and Proportion – Direct simple applications on proportions only
Geometric Progression - (All Excluded)
Arithmetic Progression – Simple applications (word problems)
Co-ordinate geometry – Equation of a line - Conditions for two lines to be parallel or perpendicular.

Geometry - 
Similarity - as a size transformation, Direct Applications
Loci - (All Excluded)
Circles – Tangent and Secant Properties –
If two circles touch, the point of contact lies on the straight line joining their centers,
If two chords intersect internally or externally then the product of the lengths of segments are equal,
If a chord and a tangent intersect externally then the product of the lengths of segments of the chord is equal to the square of the lengths of the tangent from the point of contact to the point of intersection.
Constructions - (All Excluded)

Mensuration - Sphere - (All Excluded)

Statistics - Computation of Mean by any one method


Short Stories - 
Kaaki – SiyaraamSharan Gupta,
Apna Apna Bhagya - Jainendra Kumar,
Sandeh - Jaishankar Prashad,
Jamun Ka Ped - Krishna Chander.

Poems - 
Giridhar ki Kundliyaan – Giridhar Kavirai,
Bhichhuk - Surya Kant Tripathi ‘Nirala’,
Matri Mandir Ki Or - Subhadra Kumari Chauhan

Ekanki Sanchay - Mahabharat Ki Ek Sanjh - Bharat Bhushan Agrawal


Theory of Demand and Supply - 
Law of Demand and Supply (All Excluded) Just study the meaning, concept, and types.
Elasticity of Demand and Supply (All Excluded)

Market - All Excluded

Banking in India - 
Monetary policy of the central bank (All Excluded)

Inflation - Inflation (All Excluded) Just study the meaning of it.
Types of Inflation (All Excluded)

Public Finance - All Excluded


Finance and Accounting - 
Cost and Budgeting under final accounts for Sole Proprietorship
Budgeting (All Excluded)

Human Resources - All Excluded

Logistics - All Excluded

Government initiatives in Environment Protection - All Excluded


Encapsulations - All Excluded

Arrays - 
Double Dimensional Arrays – (All Excluded),
Sorting techniques - Bubble sort, Binary search

String Handling - 
Implementation of string class methods, string array.
Programs based on all methods, extracting, and modifying characters of a string, alphabetical order of the strings in an array, searching for a string using linear search technique. 


Factors of Production - 
Land – Factors affecting productivity of land.
Labour – Efficiency of labour – meaning, reasons for low efficiency of Indian labour
Entrepreneur – Role of entrepreneurs in economic development,
Destruction of Eco system

Alternative market structure - Monopsony Market

The state and Economic Development - 
The state and Economic Development – Monetary policy, Public sector – role and problems

Money and Banking - Impact of inflation on debtors and creditors

State and Economic Development - 
Role of state in Promoting development, Issue of Privatization of Public Enterprises

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