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by Sukun Parmar on September 17, 2020

Exam18 is India`s #1 destination for original study materials by top ICSE Teachers to help you learn easily and prepare effectively for your exam.

Study guides by traditional publishers have been around in the market for many years still students don't find them helpful - instead, they stress students even more with too much irrelevant content in the book.

To solve this problem, Exam18 works with Senior ICSE Teachers to redefine Study Guides for ICSE. Learning Notes, Super notes, Workbooks, Guides, etc. everything has been given a new outlook that totally enhances a student’s perspective towards learning, revising and preparing for their ICSE exams.

With Exam18 study guides, students now “Enjoy Learning” because learning can be effective only when a student finds it interesting.

ICSE Study Guides by Exam18

We're constantly adding new materials every day to help students learn difficult topics easily. For ICSE Class 9 and Class 10, students can now buy Top School's Prelim papers, Solved Prelim Papers, Learning Notes, Revision Guides, Formula books, Chemical equations guide, Give Reasons Guide and many other unique materials. Exam18 has proudly served over 50,000+ Happy ICSE students and teachers from all over India.

Exam18 is committed to make Learning Interesting and scoring!
A place where your search for a good guide ends & YES, you are at a RIGHT PLACE!

Top Study Guides for ICSE 2020-21 Batch

Solutions to official specimen papers provided by CISCE for ICSE 2021 Exams of Class 9 & 10.

Specimen Solutions for ICSE Class 9
Specimen Solutions for ICSE Class 10

ICSE Prelim Papers of Class 10 from Best schools in India (Multiple Subjects)

5 Schools, 10 Schools, 15 Schools, 20 Schools

ICSE Prelim Papers Solved

ICSE Solved Prelim papers of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Class 10

Guides for ICSE English Language and English Literature

Best workbook for ICSE English Language for Class 9 & 10
Best guide for Essays for Class 9 & 10
Best guides for ICSE English Literature for Class 9 & 10
Best guides for ICSE Treasure trove for Class 9 & 10

Guides for History and Civics

Best Guide for ICSE History Learning notes for ICSE Class 9 
Best Guides for ICSE History & Civics for ICSE Class 10 

Guides for Geography

Best Learning notes for ICSE Geography Class 9
Best Revision notes for ICSE Geography Class 10

Guides for ICSE Physics Theory, Numerical Problems, Give Reasons and more

Best Guide for Numericals in ICSE Class 9
Best Guides for Physics Super Notes in ICSE Class 10
Best Guide for Physics Give Reasoning Questions for ICSE Class 10
Mastering Numericals in ICSE Physics for Class 10

Guides for ICSE Chemistry - Objective Questions, Organic Chemistry, Secret Guide to writing balanced chemical equations

Best Guide for ICSE Chemistry for Class 9
Secret guide to writing Chemical Equations in ICSE Chemistry Class 10
Objective Revision in ICSE Chemistry for Class 10

Guides for ICSE Biology - Objective Questions, Complete Theory Revisions

Best Super Notes guide for ICSE Biology for Class 9
Most Important Objective Super Notes for ICSE Biology for Class 10

ICSE Maths Guide, Workbook, Solutions and more

Formula Diary for ICSE Maths Class 9
Complete Revision notes for ICSE Maths Class 9
ICSE Maths Trigonometry Practice questions for Class 10

Guide for ICSE Economics - Complete Learning and Revision

Best Learning notes for ICSE Economics for Class 9 - Chapter-wise
Best Learning notes for ICSE Economics for Class 10 - Chapter-wise

Guide for ICSE Computer Applications

Best Practice Package for Computer Applications for ICSE Class 10

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