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Download ICSE Sample Papers

by Chirag Agarwal on December 16, 2019

Download ICSE Sample Papers for 2020 Board Exam Revisions

Solving sample papers is one of the best and proven ways to understand important concepts and marking scheme of the subject, and also help you determine how far you are in your preparations for Board exams.  The following sample papers are adapted from prelim exams conducted at various ICSE Schools and targeted for ICSE Board exams in March 2020. Most of these papers are prepared by ICSE Teachers with 30+ years of teaching experience. These papers are also referred to as model papers, guess papers, specimen papers etc.

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ICSE English Language Sample Paper

ICSE English Literature Sample Paper

ICSE Maths Sample Paper

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ICSE History Civics Sample Paper

ICSE Geography Sample Paper

ICSE Physics Sample Paper

★ Also check out ICSE Class 10 Physics Super Notes

ICSE Chemistry Sample Paper

ICSE Biology Sample Paper


ICSE Computer Applications Sample Paper

ICSE Commercial Studies Sample Paper

ICSE Hindi Sample Paper


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