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Best Five ways you can top your ICSE Class 10 Examinations

by Aakarsh Meghawat on February 05, 2020

Practice, Practice and Practice. You must have heard this word from your Teacher, your Guide, your Mom, Dad, Aunt in a Party and where not. But did anyone really tell you WHAT to practice and how to do that for the preparations of your ICSE Board examinations? Well, for most of you, NO!

ICSE Examinations are conducted by the CISCE Council, New Delhi and are centralized for all the ICSE Schools across India and few countries Abroad. The syllabus it asks the students to follow is very well defined, clear and semantic. All you need to score well in the final examinations is a systematic approach to your preparations. There is no rocket science here. It is all about enjoying your preparations, not sacrificing TV, Computer Games, WatsApp etc.

For the preparation, you must be referring to your School Textbooks, Class Notes, couple of Study guides like Together with, Oswal etc. They might help you understand the subject. But there are few more ways that can ease your preparations and make you a happy, confident student.

Now I’ll tell you the secrets of Top ICSE Scorers:

  1. They Do Not have Blind faith on TextBooks and Study Guides.
  2. They Love every Subject. If they don’t, they enjoy studying it.
  3. Repeated help is sort from their Teachers, both School and Offline Tuition.

How can YOU follow the trend of these Toppers to be one amongst them?

  1. Consider referring to some detailed exam preparation materials. Ask your Teachers for some sheets of Questions. Write your own solutions.
  2. Get the notes you are comfortable with. Write your own notes beforehand so that you can study them at your convenience.
  3. Be in regular touch with your Teachers. Ask them for more guidance, academic help etc.

If you do this, you will surely be going on the right way for your Board examinations. Only confidence can help you score above 90% in your Boards. And if you prepare intelligently, you are the winner!

We conducted a short-informal interview of few ICSE Toppers last week.

Let’s see what they have to say:

 "   Until the end of December, I was reluctant to spend more than 15 hours studying for my ICSE Examinations. I then referred to some extra study materials apart from my class notes like Prelim Papers of different schools, Question sheets from my Teachers etc. I sort a lot of help from these Prelim Papers and managed to score very well in the Boards.

Sanjana Ganguly (Kolkata), Scored 94.6% in ICSE 2016 Exams

 "  My Teacher helped me with a lot of Question Papers from the Teachers of other schools.

Arpit Rao (Bangalore), Scored 89% in ICSE 2016 Exams

 "    I cannot deny that Solving Prelim papers only in the last two months helped me score 93% in my ICSE Board Exams in 2016.

Chandrashekhar Ahire (Mumbai), Scored 93% in ICSE 2016 Exams

To make it easier for the Students to access these resources, we are offering ICSE Prelim Papers Package of some good ICSE Schools in India.

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