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3 Golden Tips for ICSE 10th Students

by Aakarsh Meghawat on February 09, 2020

ICSE Class 10 Board Exams are beginning soon and many students are probably confused, overwhelmed and little bit disoriented on where to start, how to revise effectively and which materials to study from. 

Dr. Poonam Mahajan, an ICSE veteran with over 35 years of experience as Class 10 Teacher and Vice Principal suggests 3 things that students should consider as Board Exams get closer. 

Golden Tip 1: Thoroughly Review ICSE 10th Syllabus

Among many text books, revision guides, class notes, etc., students often get mislead with syllabus included in ICSE 10th Boards. So before you start a new subject, make sure you quickly go through your syllabus. If you don't have the syllabus for ICSE 2020 Exams with you, it can be downloaded here

Golden Tip 2: Don't spend time reading every chapter line by line. Take help of Class Notes or Last-minute Revision Notes

Every minute now is critical. Don't get lost into your textbooks. Revising every chapter is required so that you don't miss out important points but going through textbooks will eat up a lot of your time (read this sentence again carefully). 

Use your class notes or get last-step revision notes on Exam18 for subjects you find difficult. These notes are written by some of the best ICSE School Teachers and they're available for very affordable prices.

  1. English Language Revision Notes with 100+ Practice Sheets
  2. Merchant of Venice Questions and Answers
  3. Ultimate Guide to Treasure Trove Poems in English
  4. Biology Super Notes – Objective Questions and Answers
  5. History and Civics Most Important Questions & Answers
  6. Physics Super Notes
  7. Super 50 Java Programs for Computer Applications

Golden Tip 3: Solve Pre-board Exam Papers of other ICSE Schools

This is the toppers secret for scoring above 90% in ICSE exams, even if you are just an average student. 

Most ICSE students have already bought the latest Solved and Unsolved Prelim Papers book from Exam18. To get your book, visit the following link: https://exam18.com/collections/icseclass10?constraint=prelim-papers

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Finally, also go through the official specimen papers provided by CISCE to get exact idea of marking scheme, question paper pattern, important topics etc. The Board does not give solutions, but the solutions book can be ordered on Exam18 and here is the link:


Do you have any other suggestions or questions? Feel free to add your comment below.

All the very best for your ICSE preparations!


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