Best Reference Books for ICSE Chemistry Class 10

ICSE Class 10 Chemistry is all about chemical formulas, reactions, chemical equations, numerical problems, etc. Therefore, it is important to understand fundamental concepts very clearly and do regular practice to write your Chemistry exam confidently and score good marks.

In this post, we list the top reference books of Chemistry in ICSE Class 10. Many students believe the textbook is enough, however, the chemistry reference books help in clarifying the concepts well and practice important questions.

Here are some of the highly recommended Chemistry study guides of ICSE Class 10 that will help students prepare the subject well for final ICSE board exams.

Book #1

Exam18 ICSE Master Organic Chemistry Super Notes for Class 10

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Author: Megha Sharma
Publisher: Exam18
MRP: Rs. 600.00 (discount may be available)

This book contains simplified explanations, useful tables and charts, definitions, reactions, questions and answers etc. related to Organic Chemistry in ICSE Class 10. It is strongly recommended for students who fail to understand concepts of organic chemistry in their classroom. This organic chemistry guide is also very good for practicing questions related to this topic for ICSE exam.

Included in Exam18 Organic Chemistry Super Notes for ICSE Class 10

  1. Unique Learning Notes:  This all-in-one book covers 100% learning material of the chapter as per ICSE syllabus.
  2. Concept-Building:  This is a very student-friendly book as it takes the reader from the basic level to the higher level, clarifying the underlying concepts of each subtopic at each level in a step-by-step manner.
  3. IUPAC Nomenclature:  As it is often asked in the compulsory section of X ICSE Chemistry Paper, so 100+ IUPAC names have been discussed along with the step-wise rules to solve them.
  4. MECHANISM of Organic Reactions to help students clarify their doubts.
  5. All important Rules, Chemical Tests and Laboratory Preparation has been discussed in details.
  6. Conversion tips – along with important 50+ conversions have been discussed.
  7. All organic reactions – have been summarised at the end topic-wise.  (It includes Name Reactions too)
  8. Conceptual Questions are solved to probe deep into the chapter.
  9. Objective Questions – frequently asked in examination have been given.
  10. EXAM PRACTICE Questions – have been given for better grasping.
  11. PAST 15 YEARS BOARD QUESTIONS – have been solved year-wise for intense revision and practice.


  • Organic Chemistry is an important topic both for ICSE students and those who plan to select Science stream later in college.
  • The textbook of Chemistry in ICSE Class 10 does not include enough conceptual explanations, leaving many students confused about the fundamentals of organic chemistry. This study guide by Exam18 is an excellent resource to study organic chemistry effectively.

How to buy Exam18 ICSE Master Organic Chemistry Super Notes for Class 10?

Book #2

Model Specimen Papers for Chemistry: ICSE Class 10

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Author: Oswal Publishers
Publisher: Oswal Publishers
MRP: Rs.179.00 (discount may be available)

ICSE Class 10 Model Specimen Papers for Chemistry book by Oswal publication includes:

  • 10 solved and 5 unsolved Model test papers.


  • The book contains handful sample papers on chemistry. Solutions to a few papers are given in the book.
  • Question papers given in this book are not chapterwise, but as per ICSE chemistry exam pattern.
  • It is the cheapest book in the market but you get what you pay for. The questions are randomly selected and we found several errors in the book.
  • Recommended for ICSE students who have very limited budget for purchasing sample papers of chemistry.

How to buy Oswal ICSE Model Specimen Papers for Chemistry for Class 10?

Book #3

Exam18 ICSE Chemistry Sample Papers for Class 10

ICSE Sample Papers Chemistry Product Image 4

Author: Exam18
Publisher: Exam18
MRP: Rs. 500.00 (discount may be available)

Exam18 Sample Paper series has gained immense popularity among ICSE community since its launch in 2022. The sample papers given in Exam18 book have better quality questions and helps students in many ways to prepare effectively for ICSE chemistry board exam.

 Exam18 ICSE chemistry Sample Papers Book for Class 10 includes :

  • 10 Sample Papers with Detailed Solutions
  • 5 Self-Assessment Papers with Answer keys and hints
  • Quick Tips for ICSE Chemistry Board Exam
  • Progress Tracking Sheet

The questions covered in these sample papers are a mix of:

  • Important questions in previous years’ ICSE Board exams.
  • Twisted and smart questions asked in Prelim exam of reputed ICSE schools.
  • Concept-clarifying questions.


  • The biggest drawback of Sample Papers by other popular publishers is they cover random questions from the syllabus and re-publish the same edition every year with a new book cover. ICSE students deserve better, and the new sample papers of chemistry by Exam18 make an excellent alternative.
  • Many ICSE sample paper books include Unsolved papers for self-practice and most students end up skipping these papers due to a lack of ability to cross-check their answers. The Exam18 Sample Papers book provides solutions to ALL the question papers of chemistry in the book.
  • Questions of all difficulty levels, marking schemes and topics are covered in these sample papers.

How to buy Exam18 ICSE Solved Sample Papers Class 10 for Chemistry?

Book #4

Exam18 ICSE Chemistry Chapter Wise Objective Q&A for Class 10

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Author: Megha Sharma
Publisher: Exam18
MRP: Rs. 499.00 (discount may be available)

Exam18 ICSE Chemistry Chapter Wise Objective Questions and Answers for Class 10

This book contains chapter-wise and topic-wise objective questions in Chemistry with answers. Most of the Chemistry paper contains objective-type questions and this book is perfectly suited for revising the entire syllabus of Chemistry. 

Objective questions of various types are covered in this book.

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Name the following
  • Give reasoning
  • Multiple-choice
  • Short-answer

And well-explained answers are given for all the questions.


  • Chemistry is a scoring subject but good practice is required for avoiding careless mistakes in ICSE Chemistry exam. This book helps in practicing all important questions of the subject and prepare confidently for Chemistry exam.
  • Many students who find Chemistry less interesting (or say ‘boring’) will find this book extremely helpful because it makes revising all chapters very interactive and interesting.
  • Answers for all the questions are given in the book so students can self-study and self-check the answers after solving themselves.
  • This book is extremely important for Chemistry Board Exam revisions, but also recommended for studying throughout the year (you are going to buy it later any way, so buy before).
  • Utilize this book for revisions during your regular School Year. It will help a lot in scoring good marks in your Class Tests, Unit Tests, Semester exams, Prelim exams etc.

How to buy Exam18 ICSE  Chemistry Chapter Wise Objective Q&A  for Class 10?

Book #5

Evergreen ICSE Self Study in Chemistry

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Author: Baljinder Kaur 
Publisher: Evergreen Publications
MRP: Rs. 450.00 (discount may be available)

Evergreen ICSE Class 10 Chemistry  Self Study book includes:

  • Fully solved ICSE Specimen Paper, Solved Expected Questions
  • Diagram based questions according to the ICSE Pattern
  • Previous Years’ Board questions solved chapter wise
  • Hybrid assignments, and self-practice Model Test Papers.
  • Specially designed ‘Chapter Test’, Internal assessment Practical Work and Latest ICSE Examination Question Paper – 2020 (Solved)

How to buy Evergreen ICSE Self Study in Chemistry for class 10?

Book #6

Exam18 ICSE Secret Guide to Writing Balanced Chemical Equations in Chemistry Class 10

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Author:  RP Khadanga
Publisher: Exam18
MRP: Rs. 320.00 (discount may be available)

Exam18 ICSE Secret Guide to Writing Balanced Chemical Equations in Chemistry Class 10 exclusive guide book is designed to help students learn how chemical equations must be formed and written in Chemistry. This book is essential for students who face a lot of difficulty in writing chemical equations by themselves.

Topics covered in this Chemistry Guide
✔ Introduction to Chemical Equations
✔ Step-by-step process to form your own Chemical Equations
✔ Important Chemical Equations from Previous year’s ICSE Board Exams
✔ Some important Chemical Equations in ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Syllabus and secret tips to master them

How to buy ICSE Exam18 Secret Guide to Writing Balanced Chemical Equations in Chemistry for Class 10?

Book #7

Together with ICSE Chemistry Study Material for Class 10

Together with ICSE Practice Material for Class 10 Chemistry for 2019 Examination 

Author: Gulati Anshu 
Publisher: Rachna Sagar Publication
MRP: Rs. 339.00 (discount may be available)

The Salient Features of ICSE Class 10 Together with Chemistry Study Material:

• The book comprises twelve chapters. Every chapter opens with the chapter at a Glance followed by the condensed version which comprises Important Terms and Concepts including definitions and explanations (wherever required) to enable students to have a quick and thorough revision of the chapter.
• The condensed version is followed by solved Questions (created questions) including the previous year’s question.
• Internal Assessment of 20 marks has been separate to provide the format of practical work.
Finally, I would like to thank the publishers for their cooperation and help and my family members for their support and patience

How to buy ICSE Together with ICSE Chemistry Study Material for Class 10?

The new edition of this book is not available on Amazon yet, however, it may be available on Rachnasagar’s Website

Book #8

Exam18 ICSE Mole Concept Made Easy Chemistry for Class 10 

Author: Megha Sharma 
Publisher: Exam18 
MRP: Rs. 400.00 (discount may be available)

Exam18 ICSE Mole Concept Made Easy Chemistry for Class 10 is a  comprehensive revision material for the Mole Concept and Stoichiometry chapter in the Chemistry syllabus of ICSE Class 10.

Topics Included in this book:

  • Gay Lussac’s Law
  • Avogadro’s Law
  • Mole Concept
    • Direct 1 step conversion
    • Indirect 2 step conversion
    • Miscellaneous (conceptual questions)
  • Percentage composition
  • Vapour density & molecular weight
  • Empirical formula and Molecular formula
  • Stoichiometry (Based on the chemical equation)

How to buy Exam18 ICSE Mole Concept Made Easy Chemistry for Class 10?

Book #9

Oswaal ICSE Sample Question Papers Class 10 Chemistry Book

Sponsored Ad - Oswaal ICSE Sample Question Papers Class 10 Chemistry Book (Reduced Syllabus for 2021 Exam)

Author:  Oswaal Editorial Board
Publisher: Oswal Publishers
MRP: Rs. 249.00 (discount may be available)

Oswaal ICSE Sample Question Papers Class 10 Chemistry Book includes:

  • 5 solved Question papers and 5 self-assessments papers.
  • Answering tips for a better understanding of the concepts.
  • Mind maps to unlock the imagination and come up with new ideas.
  • Examiner comments

How to buy Oswaal ICSE Sample Question Papers Class 10 Chemistry Book?

Important tips for ICSE Chemistry Class 10 Board Exams

  1. The good news is this is a high-scoring subject, and also requires lesser time for preparation.
  2. Concentrate on the chemical formula and be thorough with them. Write all the related formulas in a separate notebook and take a quick look at these before you start any concept.
  3. Practice problems from question papers of the last ten years. Try solving them at least once a week.
  4. Again, equations are an essential part of this subject. They are simple to keep in mind. Prepare the list of chemical equations based on the topics in each lesson. Repeat them on a regular basis.
  5. If you want to score 90+ in Chemistry, you must assess your preparation. Practice more to improve your weak areas.

More helpful resources for ICSE Chemistry of Class 10

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